New Research Spotlight: More complete adaptation identified with medium term heat acclimation

two men in a lab seen from behind

The optimal protocol for heat acclimation is a 'hot' topic for research due to this preparatory period being key for performance in the heat. Please see our summary infographic of the recent paper in The European Journal of Applied Physiology by Jodie Moss from Roehampton University.

The study investigated how effective Short (5 Days) and Medium Term (10 Days) Heat Acclimation are in creating positive adaptations for performance in heat. The study used Runners preparing for the Marathon Des Sables and found an additional benefit was provided by medium term acclimation in comparison to short term acclimation. 
Loughborough Sport continually keeps abreast of the growing body of research in the area to ensure our heat acclimation protocols are at the cutting edge of science. If you would like more information on our bespoke heat acclimation services please don't hesitate to contact us.  
Please find the full paper HERE
a multi page heat training infographic