SURVEY: Destined for greatness? Do your genes give you a head start in sport?

a scientific image of a runner

image credit: Getty

Researchers from Loughborough University are investigating the role genetics play in sport – and they need your help.

Sporting greatness is often attributed to a combination of genetics, training, and lifestyle. But just how important are our genes? What makes us talented in one sport, but average in another?

By completing a short online questionnaire, your answers will help experts from the University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences learn more about the subject.

As some claim it is possible to identify sporting talent using a simple DNA test, the researchers aim to gauge your opinion about greatness and genetics. Should we and/or could we know more?

Do you think there is a place for genetic testing in the world of sports? Do you want genetics in sport? Or is sport about much more than just the physical?

The results of the project, led by Dr Liz Akam, will be published later in 2020.

The survey can be found online here and should take just 10-15 minutes and requires no prior knowledge.