What can massage do for me?

Back massage

What can massage do for me? Maybe this is a question you sometimes ask yourself. Well, I’m sure there are many ways I could answer this question. I may even blind you with Science!! [OK, maybe not]. However, I’m not a scientist! I’m a masseur/ Deep tissue sports masseur/Deep tissue therapist - whichever term you prefer. Believe me, I’ve been called much worse. So, let’s talk about what massage can do for you.

By Steve Capewell

(Soft Tissue Therapist)

In many sports, we sometimes suffer from the dreaded DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). In this instance massage can help alleviate some of the pain we feel, which in turn can help us recover more quickly. It does this by flushing out the toxic waste your muscles produce during exercise, which allows us to recover more briskly. Thus enabling us to get back to doing the very sport we love to do as soon as we can.

It may also help in everyday life too (yes we don’t just do sport). We can also help with the bane of everyone’s life!!! You’ve got it - WORK!!!

During our work life we constantly put our body through the mill.  We do repetitive tasks, putting them in the same positions, hour after hour, day after day. A massage can help increase the temperature of the soft tissue, which increases blood circulation. This helps break down adhesions and decreases the tone. In other words,  you feel less tight and more relaxed.

At this time of year and during the summer months, students go through the exam periods. This can be both stressful and repetitive. Constantly hunched over the PC (as I am writing this!), sitting in a position that to us may seem comfortable,  but unfortunately, is not great for our own posture.

Now a massage in this instance may give you some short-term relief. But if this poor posture becomes a habit? Then this is where the physio may help. Assessing what is happening, possibly giving you exercises, stretches etc. that may help you recover by helping you stop slipping into the bad habits you have been accustomed to.

Now as I have said, massage may help, physio may help -  but all we can do as practitioners is assist YOU!!!! We can help your muscles feel less stiff and tight. The physios can give you exercises to improve stability, strength, and flexibility but YOU are the one that needs to take control! For the only person who can truly fix you is yourself.

But by popping into see us at the physio clinic here on campus, we may help and assist you in returning you to your normal self.