Hunter returns to the Lightning line-up

players on the rugby pitch

England international Sarah Hunter returns to the Lightning line-up ahead of their clash with Wasps this Saturday.

With the return of Hunter and momentum from their landslide victory last Saturday, Lightning will look to really apply the pressure to the home side. 

The game, which will be live streamed on England Rugby and TP15s platforms, will kick off at 2pm and be played at Tywyford Avenue.

Of her return to the TP15’s this weekend, Sarah Hunter said: 

“I’m very much looking forward to playing this weekend. I’ve had to wait a few weeks but I’m very excited to be pulling on the shirt again with the team and starting my 19/20 season. 

“We’ve built up some good momentum with our performances over the past few weeks which we will be looking to continue against a very competitive wasps team that will be full of confidence after their win away to Bristol last week.”

The game will be available to stream via the links below: -

ER Facebook -

ER YouTube -


Lightning line-up

  1. Katie Trevarthen 
  2. Lark Davies 
  3. Daleaka Menin 
  4. Morwenna Talling
  5. Georgia Bradley
  6. Rachel Malcolm
  7. Amelia Harper
  8. Sarah Hunter
  9. Megan Davey 
  10. Katy Daley-Mclean 
  11. Bethan Zeidler
  12. Helen Nelson
  13. Emily Scarratt 
  14. Rhona LLoyd
  15. Olivia Jones 

  16. Emily Tuttosi
  17. Detysha Harper
  18. Kat Hobson
  19. Becky Noon
  20. Jenny Maxwell
  21. Natasha Jones
  22. Rachael Woosey