Loughborough Athletics cohort top the UK ‘top 12’ Merit Rankings

17 Loughborough students and alum have achieved top twelve status at 800m-Marathon in the UK Merit rankings at Olympic distances for 2018 compiled by Peter Matthews of the National Union of Athletics Statisticians and published in Athletics Weekly over Christmas.

Three alum star in top three positions; Jake Wightman sits top of the men’s 800m and 1500m events, Chris Thompson holds second place at 5000m and 10,000m, and Sonia Samuels (nee Thomas) ends 2018 ranked third at Marathon.

 Lead Endurance Coach George Gandy commented:

 ‘’It’s great to see the strong cohort of Loughborough graduates and undergraduates in the recently published UK ‘top 12’ Merit Rankings at respective Olympic-distance endurance events (800m to marathon). These rankings are based upon overall performance achievement in 2018, and clearly show that our celebrated impact on the national middle- and long-distance running scene is very much alive and well.”

A full list of Loughborough alum and current students can be seen below.  Congratulations to all athletes on their individual feats for 2018. If you’re a prospective student interested in our athletics program click here to find out more!


  • Sonia Samuels (nee Thomas) (alumni)  - 3rd at Marathon
  • Stevie Stockton (alumni) –  6th at 10.000m and 10th at 5000m
  • Jessica Judd (23 yrs)  - 7th at 500m and 9th at 1500m
  • Emily Smith (alumni) – 9th at 3000m Schase
  • Beth Potter (alumni) – 12th at 10,000m
  • Amy Griffiths (22 yrs) – 12th equal at 1500m


  • Jake Wightman (alumni)  - 1st at 800m and at 1500m
  • Chris Thompson (alumni)  - 2nd at 5000m and at 10,000m
  • Guy Learmonth (alumni) – 5th at 800m
  • James West (alumni) – 6th at 1500m
  • Jamie Webb (alumni) – 7th at 800m
  • Jamie Williamson(21yrs) – 9th at 1500m
  • Will Fuller (21 yrs) – 9th at 5000m
  • Kris Jones (alumni) – 10th at 5000m
  • Henry Pearce (alumni) – 11th at Marathon
  • Chris Perry (alumni) – 12th at 3000m Schase
  • Kevin Seaward (alumni) – 12th equal at Marathon