‚ÄčLoughborough Sporting Club

Loughborough Sporting Club has been designed to create a community of involved and engaged Loughborough University alumni and friends of the sporting family.

Loughborough Sporting Club is about keeping alumni and friends of the University and engaged with sport at Loughborough.

Through regular updates and a series of events and activities, our goal is to encourage participation, friendships and support for Loughborough Sport.

Members of Loughborough Sporting Club will be kept up to date with activities and opportunities via a quarterly e-newsletter, will be invited to events throughout the year and get exclusive offers from our partners.  

Using our links with the many sporting bodies here on campus we are aiming to give our members opportunities to take part in special sporting experiences which will be included in our newsletters.

If you would like to sign up to receive the latest sports news from Loughborough, please get in touch with the Alumni team who will be happy to help.