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Dr Tom Matthews

Photo of Dr Tom Matthews

Lecturer in Climate Science

I was appointed to the position of Lecturer in Climate Science in June, 2018. My previous appointments (since a PhD from Loughborough Unversity in 2013) include lectureships at Liverpool John Moores University and Maynooth University - where  I also held a position of postdoctoral researcher (in the Irish Climate Analysis and Research Units – ICARUS). 

I am a climate scientist with particular interests in the sensitivity of Earth systems to climate variability and change. Within this board remit, my specific areas of expertise include glacier-climate interactions and extreme events – from mid-latitude storms to heatwaves and hurricanes. Much of my work in these fields aims to understand processes and the evolving societal challenges in the context of climate change. 

I primarily teach in the area of climate science (atmospheric processes, hazards, etc.) 

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