We deliver high-quality geographical research and impact that drives disciplinary agendas and addresses major societal and environmental challenges locally, nationally and internationally.

We are passionate about research and where it can take us. We are constantly pushing the scientific boundaries of geographical and environmental research, setting new intellectual agendas and advancing conceptual, theoretical and methodological debates.

We also use our knowledge, skills, curiosity and creativity to design and conduct research that matters and makes a difference in the world. We pursue answers and solutions to challenging questions and problems across the social and natural sciences. Most importantly, we provide an inclusive research environment where postgraduate, postdoctoral and academic researchers work closely together to develop their research careers.

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Over £20M in new research awards since 2014

Research strengths

We are recognised for our excellence and leadership across six interdisciplinary research themes where we exhibit world leading strengths.


We lead international research on cities and globalization, strengthening the theoretical base of global urban studies via new conceptual and methodological approaches for analysing cities and regions.

Children, Youth and Families

At the forefront of establishing Children’s Geographies, our research explores formal and informal spaces of education and childhood experiences.


We explore the trade-offs and co-benefits that may be realised by these connected systems to reduce the vulnerability of communities and strengthen the resilience of infrastructure to climate change.

Hydroclimate, Risks and Resilience

We advance knowledge of changes in extreme weather and develop technologies for improving resilience to hydroclimatic risks.

Migration and Nation

We are transforming understandings of how powerful migration forces and ideas about migration and ‘nation’ affect contemporary societies.

Understanding and Managing Environmental Change

Applying field monitoring, laboratory experiments and modelling methods we make significant breakthroughs in understanding and managing natural and anthropogenic environmental change.

Wider impact

We have a long track record of co-producing knowledge with diverse users, beneficiaries and communities, delivering impact in multiple ways.

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Research networks

Our expertise also contributes in important ways to well-established international, national and cross-campus research networks.

Virtual Cabinet of Curiosities

Each item in the cabinet is the origin of a story about our curiosity for Earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments. Together they highlight the diversity of research undertaken by the staff, postgraduates and undergraduates.

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