Jeff Evans

Dr Jeff Evans

Ph.D. (Cambridge)

  • Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography

Academic career

2015 onwards: Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography, Loughborough University
2007 onwards: Lecturer in Physical Geography, Loughborough University.
2003 - 2007: Research Associate, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge.
1999 - 2003: Higher Scientific Officer (Marine Geosciences), British Antarctic Survey.

Professional responsibilities

2015 onwards: External examiner for the Master’s Degree (M.Phil) in Polar Sciences, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.
2009 onwards: Member of the review and moderating panel, Research Councils or Science Foundations of Norway, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Czech Republic and International Ocean Drilling Program.

Research interests focus on investigating marine and terrestrial landform records to better understand Quaternary ice-mass and environmental change in the Arctic and Antarctic. This involves reconstructing the history, behaviour and flow-dynamics of ice sheets in Greenland, Antarctic Peninsula, West Antarctica and Svalbard-Barents Sea. Specific emphasis is placed on understanding the role of ice streams in ice sheet flow-dynamics and their response to drivers of environmental change, as well as the genesis and transport of subglacial sediment and its influence on ice stream flow. An additional focus is on investigating the subglacial environment of contemporary and Holocene glaciers in the High Arctic (Sweden) and the role it plays in facilitating and regulating ice-flow.

Jeff also focuses research on contemporary and past glacial geomorphic processes by examining the large to small-scale patterns and processes of glacial and glacially-influenced sedimentation and landforms associated with subglacial, glacimarine (fjord, continental margin and deep-ocean) and terrestrial environments. A key component of this work has been to characterise glacial and glacially-influenced sedimentation and erosion beneath and adjacent to floating and grounded tidewater glacier margins, and in proglacial areas beyond land-terminating ice margins, in polar regions. Recent work is focused on spatial and temporal characteristics and behaviour of contemporary and recent turbid meltwater plumes issuing from land- and marine-terminating glaciers to the ocean around Greenland and Svalbard.

Jeff's teaching focuses on the undergraduate Geography degree course and includes:

  • Part-A: Earth System Science, Environmental Hazards.
  • Part-B: Geographical Research and Design Practice, Exploring the Ice Ages.
  • Part-C: Glacial Environments and Landscapes, and Arctic Glaciers Fieldcourse.

Current postgraduate research students

  • Peter Hill: "Reconstructing Svalbard ice-mass evolution and dynamics since the last glaciation"

Recent postgraduate research students

  • Joe Pomeroy (2013) "The Sedimentary and Geomorphic Signature of Subglacial processes in the Tarfala Valley, Northern Sweden and the Links between subglacial soft-bed Deformation, Glacier Flow Dynamics and Landform Generation"
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