• Nick holds BA, MSc and PhD degrees in psychology from the universities of Cambridge, Loughborough and Sheffield with a focus on psychology and user-centred system design.
  • Nick has over 20 years of experience of working in UK Government – his final role was Head of International Innovation Strategy at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.
  • Nick has a personal interest in sustainable solutions to local and global food-related challenges – in 2015 he set up the Woven Network – UK-based network for those working on insect protein. https://woven-network.co.uk
  • Nick’s consultancy, Unconventional Connections, focuses on innovation strategy and collaboration and recently included work funded by DfID on harnessing the UK’s strengths in clean energy technology to increase access to clean energy in Africa and SE Asia. https://www.unconventionalconnections.co.uk/

Nick is part of the Modern Energy Cooking Services (MECS) project - a five-year programme funded by UK Aid (DFID). 

By integrating modern energy cooking services into the planning for electricity access, quality, reliability and sustainability, MECS hopes to leverage investment in renewable energies (both grid and off-grid) to address the clean cooking challenge.  MECS is implementing a strategy focused on including the cooking needs of households into the investment and action on ‘access to affordable, reliable, sustainable modern energy for all’. 

Within the MECS project, Nick is one of the International Liaison Managers with a focus on driving growth in availability of modern energy cooking devices within the developing world.

Alongside this, his consultancy work consists of a wide range of projects that often involve investigating sector landscapes and opportunities for international collaboration.

Publications under the MECS programme can be found here.

Reports produced by Unconventional Connections can be found here

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