Club visits

Loughborough Sport is now offering an exciting opportunity for sport and community clubs to experience a day in one of the UK’s leading Higher Education Institutions and the best university for sport in the world.

The day

Renowned as a centre of sporting and academic excellence, young people will be given the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of sporting greats such as Sebastian Coe and Paula Radcliffe. Not only will young people be able to view world class sporting facilities, but also the unrivalled sporting opportunities on offer here at Loughborough, like Team GB did in 2012 in preparation for their most successful Olympics in history!

The visit will begin with an introduction to Loughborough Sport and what happens here on campus.

This is followed by a guided tour of some of the world class facilities, including a variety of sporting facilities used by Olympic athletes, National Governing Bodies of Sport and students.

After the tour club members will be given the chance to participate in a number of physical tests that an elite performer may experience and those that professional sports scientists may perform.  Also on offer is the chance to analyse their own diets in a sport nutrition workshop; understand the role of mental toughness, confidence and motivation techniques in a sport psychology workshop and test their agility and basic movement techniques in a Fitness Testing workshop.

Both the applied practical nature and the interactive element of the day ensure that the visit can be extremely beneficial with clubs from all over the country.  Clubs can bespoke their visit to meet their interests and needs.


Sports psychology

Learn what the term sport psychology means, how professional sports people use sport psychology, and how they can use sport psychology to improve their sport performance

Understand how what is learned in sport can transfer to other areas of their lives, including academic and professional activities.

Topics covered can include team building, communication, mental toughness, imagery.

Fitness testing - field-based

Learn what fitness is, the different components of fitness and how fitness can be tested.

Understand why fitness testing is carried out and the conditions that fitness testing takes place, as well as how athletes and coaches use fitness testing to improve performance.

Try out a variety of fitness tests including; speed, agility, leg power and hand grip strength tests and collect the data to take away using speed gaits, jump mats and hand grip dynamometers.

Practical workshops

In addition to academic workshops, students will be given the chance to participate in a range of team games and be coached by Loughborough students who have gained coaching qualifications and training in their chosen sports. The following sports are available alongside the above workshops:

  • Handball
  • Dodgeball
  • Futsal

Strength and conditioning (16+)

Please note that we can only have 12 pupils in the gym at one time and thus these sessions are available on request, particularly if you would require more than one session. Please contact us for more information.

An introduction to the principles of Strength and Conditioning training

Gain an understanding of the difference between training for strength, power and hypertrophy.

Gain knowledge of the specific lifting techniques

Please note that when making a booking it is important that you make us aware of your current position in terms of curriculum and where your students stand in relation to the subjects they are being taught so that the sessions can be tailored to your students’ needs.

Workshop workbook

Fitness testing workbook

/media/media/sport/images/workwithus/School Visit - Nutrition Handout 2020[2].pdf

S&C workbook

Sport Psychology workbook

Funding for sport visits

Is the club visit right for you?

Loughborough Sport welcomes community clubs from all areas of the UK and encourages participation in Higher Education Institutions nationwide.  In order to guarantee that your members benefit from their visit to Loughborough University campus, the club visit programme requires additional information about the young people you wish to bring.  This is to ensure that relevant information is conveyed to participants as well as managing the delivery of workshops as appropriate to the receiving cohort.

We aim to provide an exciting and inspirational day for participants regardless of age or background, however please note that if participants do not feel comfortable in a sporting context, this may but be suitable for them.

Please note: It is important to understand that workshop preferences may not always be available and are also subject to change.  This is due to the nature of the programme; workshops are predominantly led by student volunteers, master’s students and student coaches and availability of such individuals is likely to change due to their academic commitments and other unforeseen circumstances.  Should this happen, we will endeavor to rearrange a workshop that is of a similar nature. To ensure that young people receive a quality experience participant numbers have been capped at a maximum 30 per visit.


Making a Booking

Currently the community visit programme is £5.

To find out more about our Club Visit Programme, please contact the club visit team on 01509227132 or alternatively, click here to make an enquiry.