Road closures

Find out more about the road closures at Loughborough Cycling Festival and how they may impact you.

On Monday 27th May 2024 the British Cycling Youth National Series and an elite cycle race will take place around campus. Some parts of the university campus will be closed. The road closure will be enforced at 07:00 and will not reopen until approximately 18:30. There will be limited impact to pedestrian access, but several roads will be closed.

If you need to use your vehicle on campus on Monday, 27th May, or require delivery on this date, please read the guidance below, as it will have a major impact on the East side of campus. 

Affected areas on campus

There will be a full road closure around some parts of the East Park, please see the map below. The West Park will remain unaffected and there will be a one-way system around the student village.

Please note that there will be restrictions on vehicles entering the campus via Epinal Way. However, there are no issues with pedestrian and cyclist access.

map showing the LCF route

There will be no access to the following roads:

  • University Road between Main Entrance and junction by Student Services
  • Margret Keay Road between junction by the Medical Centre and junction by James France
  • East Link Road
  • Towers Way between University Road and junction with East Link Road

If your halls of residence are listed below please look at the restrictions in place. Once the road closures are in place there will be no opportunities to move any vehicles. 

  • Falk Egg
  • Butler Court
  • Towers

Key information

What will happen if I try to drive onto campus through the main entrance?

The main entrance from Epinal Way will be closed for the event. Please use the West Park entrance where possible. If you try to use the main entrance, you will be requested to park in the Swimming pool car park and walk onto campus.

Which car parks will be closed?

The following car parks will be closed on the day of the event:

  • 5, 5a, 8, 13, 14, 15, 18, 19
  • Students Union Car Park (Rear)
  • Sir Richard Morris
  • Haslegrave
  • Admin 1
  • Rear of EHB
  • Chemistry
  • Falk Egg
  • Bridgeman Center
  • Design and Tech

If you need to use your vehicle on Monday 27th May we strongly advise you move your vehicle before 07:00. You can move your car to the multi-storey car park or the library car park. 

What happens if I need to move a vehicle when the roads are closed?

Unfortunately, once the roads are closed at 07:00 on Monday, 27th May, there will be no vehicle movement around the race route.

This is to ensure that the race competitors are safe. If there is any chance you need to use your vehicle on this date, please park your vehicle in car park 1.

Will food deliveries be able to access my hall?

No vehicles can access FalkEgg, Butler Court or Towers between 07:00 and 18:30. Please ensure that deliveries are scheduled outside this period. Unfortunately, deliveries will be turned away from campus, so please follow this guidance or arrange an alternative pickup point.

Deliverys made via bicycle will be able to access all halls as usual.

Will the bus service be running?

The Kinch bus service will still be running and will stop at the West Park (Holywell park) and then will divert onto Ashby Road. If you need to use the bus, please use the College bus stop.

Please check the KinchBus website for further details. 

Pedestrian access

Barriers will be in place around much of the cycling course with designated pedestrian crossings managed by marshals. Pedestrians will not be able to access campus via Ashleigh Drive as the gates will be closed.