Student compliance with Covid-19 Testing on the Loughborough campus

On registration and re-registration with the University, students agree to the University’s Terms and Conditions of Study which include the requirement to comply with the health and safety policies and student disciplinary procedures.

During the pandemic, to maintain as safe an environment as possible for staff and students, the University requires all students making use of on campus facilities to take an asymptomatic Lateral Flow Test at the on-site Test Centre on the day of their arrival and/or before accessing accommodation or any facilities, and take another test three days after their arrival.

It is likely, for at least the first part of the autumn term, that all students will then be required to take weekly Lateral Flow Tests at the on-site Test Centre and be able, if asked, to demonstrate a negative result within the last 7 days or proof of a positive test result within the last 90 days.

Students are required to get at least one test every 7 days if they fall into any of the three categories below:

  1. A student living in University managed accommodation
  2. A student attending in person teaching sessions and/or using practical facilities for project work on campus
  3. A student wishing to use other on campus facilities (e.g. Library, computer labs, study spaces)

Compliance with University requirements to get at least on Covid-19 test will be monitored and failure to comply could result in disciplinary action being taken.

Ensuring compliance

The compliance of students living in University accommodation and known to be residing locally off campus but accessing campus facilities is being checked to ensure that tests are being taken at least once every 7 days. Given the importance of reducing the risk of an outbreak on campus, building access data may be used as part of the monitoring to determine who is required to take a weekly test. Typically this testing will be through the on campus asymptomatic testing centre at the Martial Arts Centre.

We have previously indicated that all students may return to the University provided they participate in regular asymptomatic testing, including immediately upon arrival back to campus. Thereafter, it is a requirement to take a test at least once, ideally twice, every 7 days.

Staff may refuse to permit a student to use teaching or other facilities if the student is unable to demonstrate that they have received a negative Covid-19 test result within the last 7 days or proof of a positive test result within the last 90 days.

Students accessing University facilities will be reminded of the requirement to take a test on a weekly basis. If a student does not respond and book a test within the required timescale, the following protocol will be followed:

  1. The student will receive an initial email reminder six days after their last test, advising that they need to book their weekly test as soon as possible.
  2. The student will be sent automated reminder emails on days 7 and 8 if they do not book a test and return a negative result. If a negative test result is returned, these emails will cease until the next weekly test is due. If the student does not respond by booking a test and returning a result by day 9, the student will be sent a final email by the Covid Logistics Team and asked to book a test for that day and informed that if they do not, then their card access to University facilities will be revoked.
  3. The consequences of refusing to comply with the University Covid 19 Testing Policy will be that (note these are health and safety measures, not sanctions):
    1. If the student still does not return a result by day 9 and has no good reason for not doing so, their access to campus facilities will be revoked as a Health and Safety precaution and they will be informed that access will not be reinstated until a negative result has been sent to the Covid Logistics team.
    2. If a student is found to be attempting to access campus facilities (including collecting parcels) following removal of access, they will be visited by their Hall Warden or Community Warden) and informed of the testing compliance policy and that any future incidents may result in disciplinary action.
    3. If a student has to have their access revoked more than once, they will be advised that this constitutes a breach of the University Covid 19 policy and a student misconduct investigation may be instigated.
    4. Subject to the outcome of point c) and if there is continued non-compliance, the student will be placed on Leave of Absence by the Academic Registrar if their programme includes essential in person elements (Regulation IX, paragraph 31). The student will be permitted to continue their studies on a remote study basis only if their programme does not include essential in person elements (there will be no reduction in tuition fees for students in this category).

Note: The wording “book a test” assumes that the booked test is then undertaken and a negative result received or that the student provides evidence of a negative test obtained via NHS or local community testing within the same required timescale.

Students have the right to appeal against any measures instigated under this policy and against the actions of the Academic Registrar to place them on leave of absence under Regulation IX. They will be informed of their rights of appeal at each stage as applicable.