Legal Services

The Legal Services Team provides professional legal support to the University’s activities.

We work primarily with colleagues in the Professional Services on issues relating to contracts and agreements, including land and property, in support of the University’s activities.

We do not advise individual members of staff or students on private legal matters and cannot recommend firms. Please visit the Law Society’s website for further information.

Students may like to refer to The Loughborough Enterprise Network website which sets out support to students from the University.

How does the Legal Services Team support the University?

We provide a professional legal service to the University, with a particular focus on transactional and contractual advice. We provide different levels of support to different aspects of the University – please see the staff only pages for more details.

Why do I need a contract?

A contract can greatly enhance the smooth running of a collaborative project and lead to better working relationships.

A good contract is a manual, setting out clear expectations in a user-friendly way so that you know how to deal with potential problems or situations.

It is important that you and the University – as a charity and holder of public funds – are protected and that contracts are in place for all relationships with other institutions across the private and public sectors, including bodies we have established relationships with.

How do I get help?

If you are an external organisation that is currently working with, or would like to work with, the University, please contact the Legal Services Team by email or phone 01509 223178.

If you are a current member of staff or researcher, please visit the Legal Services information for staff pages

Meet the team

Sam McGinty

Sam McGinty

Head of Legal Services

Reef Mitra

Reef Mitra

Senior Contracts and IP Advisor

Olivia Watkinson

Olivia Watkinson

Assistant Solicitor

Helene Griffiths-Adams

Helene Griffiths-Adams

Legal Services Administration Officer