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13 July 2020

Prosthetic limbs affect our attitudes to disability – expressive design might change things for the better

Amputation can have a devastating effect on a person’s body image and sense of self. The use of prosthetic limbs may help, but when it comes to their appearance, options are often limited.

10 July 2020

Women clinicians report significant difficulties with coronavirus PPE: “Apparently masks for smaller faces don’t exist!”

A new report which looks at how hospital PPE supplied to protect against the threat of COVID-19 has found that women experience significantly more issues than men.

10 July 2020

New study further supports that age-related hearing loss in patients taking cognitive tests may result in misdiagnoses of dementia

The early and correct diagnosis of a cognitive impairment – such as dementia – is crucial as it allows interventions and treatments that may slow the progression of a patient's symptoms to be quickly put in place.

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