The analysis of some of the most important works of literature ever written, and an opportunity to discover your own voice, in the company of inspiring and world-leading academics. Part of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Our students really value the teaching and support we provide, they get to know us and we them, and they consistently praise our enthusiasm for our research interests, as well as our sense of commitment to the subject.

Dr Oliver Tearle Programme Director for English
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Staff and student research in English is enormously varied and spans the full range of the discipline, from Medieval and Early Modern all the way through to the Contemporary and Digital. As well as spanning centuries, our work crosses continents and disciplines, which enables us to offer breadth and depth of expertise to students, local communities, and the wider world.

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Our staff are recognised nationally and internationally for the depth and breadth of their research, which transcends disciplinary boundaries and translates into engaging and innovative teaching.