Attendance and Engagement

Attendance and Engagement

Having an oversight of your attendance and engagement helps the University to understand how you are progressing with your studies and when you may need some additional support, either with your wellbeing or academically.

Why is your attendance and engagement important?

We want to ensure that all students can receive the right support and guidance when they need it, which is why we need to have a good understanding of your attendance at in-person classes and engagement with your studies online. We also have to fulfill certain legal obligations relating to attendance, including the following:

  • The University is required to notify the Student Loans Company and other institutions who pay fees, about periods of absence or unsatisfactory attendance.This may lead to financial support being reduced or suspended and it may also lead to students having to repay money that they have already received.
  • If you need a visa to study in the UK, the University will also have to report periods of absence or unsatisfactory attendance to UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), which could result in your visa being withdrawn.
  • The University has to meet obligations under the Data Protection Act to hold accurate data on student registration.

You are expected to attend all your timetabled classes and to let us know when you do. If we notice you haven't been doing so, your School will contact you to check in on your wellbeing and to understand whether you need some additional support.

If you continue to not attend for a period of time without telling us, then your School will likely have a conversation with you about why your participation is not satisfactory and why, if you do not maintain satisfactory attendance and engagement, as described in the University’s policy, you may have your studies terminated.

How to let us know you're attending your classes

The University uses a digital register through the myLboro App, which enables you to let us know that you are attending your classes. This is known as Attendance Check-in, and you should use this every time you attend an in-person class.

Q. What if I can't attend one or more of my classes?

If you are unable to attend a class, perhaps because you are unwell or you must attend an interview for a work placement, you should use the myLboro app to mark yourself as absent for that session. If you expect to be absent for a week or more, you should email your School and let them know so they can discuss any impact on your studies with you.

Q. What happens with online studies?

You are also required to engage with your studies online. Your module may have on-demand content, which will be available on your module Learn pages. You will also be required to complete any tasks flagged in Learn which have a deadline, including all assessed coursework. Please note that you do not need to use Attendance Check-in for sessions which only take place online.