Induction & Mandatory Training

As an organisation we are committed to your development and helping you to reach your full potential. We have identified specific online training courses for all new starters, to help induct you into the University and to keep everyone safe.

There are other options for those staff on shorter contracts, your Line Manager/Induction Lead will inform you if these apply to you.

Certain job roles require additional mandatory training. The extent of Health and Safety mandatory training will be decided through a risk assessment of your role (please note everyone must currently complete ‘Fire Safety Awareness’ and the ‘Introduction to Health & Safety’), you will be guided by your line manager and the Health and Safety team if your role requires additional training. Staff on a Research, Teaching and Enterprise (RTE) contracts and Specialist and Supporting Academic (SSA) contracts will have additional mandatory training outlined in Learn. Your Line Manager will inform you of any role-specific mandatory training that you need to complete.

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