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Don’t rush into renting: Considering your student accommodation options for next year

As letting agents and landlords begin to advertise their student housing, it’s important not to feel pressured or rushed into signing a contract with a private provider.

Your situation could change in the next three or six months, so take the time to consider all your options and think about what is best for you.

Did you know you can return to halls? All hall fees include utility bills and there are no hidden costs to uncover. With halls, you can also state your preferences in your online application, from the location and type of room, to who you would like to share with.

If you want to apply to return to halls, applications are now open until 2pm on Friday 16 February 2024 (please note this does not apply to current Art and Design Foundation course students). During this time there is no formal commitment, offers will be made from the beginning of March so there is plenty of time to research the best option for you.

Still feel like living in town is the right choice for you? 

If so, here are some tips to help you find good quality housing: 

  • Visit our Studentpad website from the beginning of December to see all the University-approved accommodations. There’s a wide range of options available which have all been inspected by the University.  
  • Read our helpful house-hunting guides and checklists.
  • Once you find somewhere you want to rent for next year, remember that you can get the contract checked by SASS before you sign or pay any money.

Students are invited to attend a roadshow for their hall where their Warden will explain the benefits and the process for returning to halls. Student Accommodation and Student Advice and Support Service (SASS) staff will also be there to provide advice and signpost the resources and support available to you.

The next set of roadshows will take place as follows:

Monday 20 November

  • Falk Egg – 6.15pm-7pm, Stewart Mason Building, SMB014
  • Rutherford – 5pm-7.30pm, Dining Hall

Tuesday 21 November

  • Claudia Parsons – 6.15pm-7pm, Common Room
  • Robert Bakewell - 6.15pm-7pm, Common Room

Wednesday 22 November

  • David Collett - 5pm-7.30pm, Dining Hall
  • Faraday – 5pm-7.30pm, Dining Hall

Thursday 23 November

  • William Morris – 6.15pm-7pm, Learning Communication Suite
  • Telford – 5pm-7.30pm, Dining Hall

Friday 24 November

  • Harry French – 6.15pm-7pm, Common Room

The Student Advice and Support Service (SASS) is there to provide advice and support through your private rental experience from searching, to moving in, throughout your tenancy and the conclusion of your agreement.

If you have missed the roadshow for your hall you can find out more information on the accommodation webpage or email Student Accommodation at