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Purpose of Job Shadowing:

Job Shadowing gives you the opportunity to become familiar with someone else's role or responsibilities within Loughborough University. Job shadowing can help you develop your understanding of a process or procedure to help you in your role going forward, or it could help you understand more about a totally different role to one you currently have. It can also provide a fantastic opportunity to build relationships with colleagues from other areas of the University.

Changes to the scheme - we are encouraging all staff to self-manage their own job shadowing at a time suitable to the shadower and shadowee.

The changes are highlighted below:

Things to consider when deciding on which role to job shadow:

Once you have completed your job shadow, ensure you record it in my.HR under your Learning section - Add personal learning and feedback your experience to your line manager.

View the video clip below:

Richard Taylor, COO, Video clip question.

YouTube Video clip of Richard Taylor


Previous applicants have said:

"In February of this year I was a Hospitality Assistant up at David Collett cleaning and I put my name down for shadowing Alison Lovett, an Assistant Hall Manager down at the Whitworth office. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Alison and it made me more confident and determined to try and progress within Loughborough University. Two months ago a vacancy for the same job as Alison came up and I decided to go for it and just get the experience from an interview. I never dreamed I would get the job and I did. I was thrilled and would recommend anyone to try the job shadow as it can open up doors and gave an ordinary person like me with 4 children a chance to gain confidence and go for the job. I would not have applied if I had not already had an insight into the job. Samantha Cooke, Assistant Hall Manager for Cayley, Rutherford and Royce, Campus Living"


“Finding out about the different roles and responsibilities of the staff in Academic Registry and how each person has responsibility for specific tasks, has been very beneficial.” Sharon Walker.


“To try something I’ve not done before.” Joanne Lavelle.


“Being able to meet all the managers, having a full day of seeing how they work and deliver their business.” Joanne Wilson.


“The experience will enable me to help new starters understand the pensions and payroll processes.” Lauren Collier.


“I feel I have a better understanding of the processes I am involved in on a day-to-day basis and how they contribute to the University as a whole.” Irren Paul.


“Vastly improved my understanding, learnt lots and how varied role of Dean is and a flavour of issues dealt with from students, staff, research, postgrads, finance, industry etc.” Abida Akram.


“The whole experience was of benefit, but the part I found most interesting was seeing first-hand the relevance of the VC’s role in creating a visible national and international profile and in developing relationships with other HEI’s, industry, government, funding bodies and international partners.” Jane McCormack.

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