House Hunting

There are several things to consider when house hunting, and we have listed the top 3 things to consider below:

Who to live with and what you want

Don’t rush into sharing a house with people you don’t really know. Delaying your decision until Semester 2 will help you pick the right group of people. Try to choose housemates with whom you share a similar approach to work, partying and tidiness. Be upfront with each other about what you can afford. Think about what you all realistically want in the property. It is a good idea to make a list of what is essential and what is desirable. This will help you out when you start viewing properties. 

Remember, signing a contract too early can leave you sharing with people you don’t want to, and if you sign a joint contract, you will be jointly liable for the rent. See the Contracts' page for more information.

Don’t panic if your flatmates in halls have all found housemates for next year. Ask friends on your course or in the same societies as you.


You will need to know what budget you have to live on. Look at what money is coming in and what money is/will be going out and prioritise what you really need to spend your money on. Many properties are offered with bills included however, you are not just paying for the bills, you are also paying for a service. You could save money by paying the bills yourself. Before deciding on bills included or excluded bills, gather all the necessary information, and ask questions: What utilities are included i.e., gas, electricity, TV licence? What is the inclusive rent compared to rent without bills? Is there a cap? What is it? Will this be enough? What have the bills been like in the past?

Location & travel

It is a good idea to explore different areas around campus to decide where you would like to live. Location and access to public transport makes a difference in rent level and your expenditure for the year.

In Loughborough it is very popular to live in the ‘Golden Triangle’ which is located halfway between campus and town. Houses in the ‘Golden Triangle’ are usually more expensive and noisier because so many students choose to live here. If you want a less expensive and quieter area it is a good idea to look at properties elsewhere. But don’t forget to factor in travel costs.

Last Updated: 28th September 2023