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Dr Antonis Vradis PhD (LSE)

Photo of Dr Antonis Vradis

Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow

Academic Career

2016 – Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow and Lecturer, Department of Geography, Loughborough University

2014-2016 Junior Research Fellow, Department of Geography and Institute of Advanced Study, Durham University

2012-2014 Research Associate, The city at a time of crisis, ESRC Future Research Leaders, Sussex University

2009-2013: PhD Candidate, Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science

Professional responsibilities:

2017- Associate Editor, Political Geography

2015- Senior Editor, CITY

2009-2015 Alternatives Editor, CITY

I am a geographer with an urban focus, a migration inclination and a political urge to make sense of our strange times.

I am the Principal Investigator in three current/recent major research grants: NutriCities (British Academy); Transcapes (ESRC/DFID) and Police Science (RCH). I am also Co-Investigator in PUrSI (ESRC Urban Transformations), Associate Editor at Political Geography and Senior Editor at CITY.

We are building an excellent cohort of critical urban and migration scholars here at Loughborough, so if you are interested in joining us and working with me (at either the Masters, PhD or post-doctoral level) please get in touch.

For regular updates on my research you can follow me on Twitter and check my blog, The Slow.

Brekke K, Filippidis C and Vradis A (2017) Athens and the War on Public Space. NYC: Punctum Books

Vradis A (2017) Towards a theory of gentrination: global capital flows and the reshaping of the global semi-periphery. The cases of Greece and Brazil. In: Albet, A. and Benach, N. (eds) Gentrification as a Global Strategy: Neil Smith and Beyond. London: Routledge

Painter J, Papada E, Papoutsi A and Vradis A (2017) Hotspot politics―or, when the EU state gets real. Political Geography

Vradis A (2016) The EU Security Apparatus: Designed to Fail. VersoBlog

Vradis A (2016) Athens’ Spatial Contract and the Neoliberal Omni-Present In: Mayer M., Thörn C., Thörn H. (eds) Urban Uprisings. Palgrave Studies in European Political Sociology. London: Palgrave Macmillan

Vradis A (2015) In-between spaces. Part of forum on Greek elections and the Future of Europe. Society and Space open site

Vradis A (2014) From crisis to gentrination. Political Geography 10-11

Vradis A (2014) The end of meaning, the meaning of end. In Shannon, D (2014) The End of the World As We Know It? Snapshots of the Crisis, Austerity, and the Movements Against. Oakland, CA and Edinburgh: AK Press

My teaching examines the political reformulations of urban space―and the urban in particular―in our post-prosperous times.

Current postgraduate research students

Evie Papada: Emerging Geographies of EU asylum and migration management: the case of EU migrant transit points.