Felicity Slocombe

MSc Social Science Research (Communication and Media) BSc Social psychology

  • Research Student
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Research groups and centres

Felicity graduated from Loughborough University in 2018 with a BSc in Social Psychology and returned the following academic year to study for her MSc in Social Science Research (Communication and Media).

In October 2020, Felicity began studying for her PhD looking at identity maintenance in people living with dementia. Her supervisors are Prof. Elizabeth Peel (Loughborough), Prof. Alison Pilnick (Nottingham) and Dr Saul Albert (Loughborough).

Felicity’s research looks at how identity is maintained in people living with dementia. She will use conversation analysis to examine interactions between people with dementia and others in various settings: their own home, care homes and in memory clinic consultations.

Another focus of the research will involve analysing media representations of dementia and discussing the findings with people with dementia and those who know or have cared for someone with dementia.

The aim of the research is to show how identity is managed in communication in a range of contexts.

A training workshop will also be developed and piloted to help others support identity maintenance of people with dementia through talk.