Dr Anthony Kevins

PhD (McGill University), MSc (London School of Economics), BA (York University)

  • Lecturer in Politics and International Studies

Anthony Kevins joined Loughborough as Lecturer in Politics and International Studies in September 2019.

Prior to joining the School, Anthony was a Marie Curie Research Fellow at Utrecht University’s School of Governance, where he worked with Barbara Vis. He also held a 3-year Assistant Professorship in the Department of Political Science at Aarhus University, where he was affiliated with a research project on Universalism and the Welfare State. His PhD (2014) is from McGill University’s Department of Political Science, where he was supervised by Stuart Soroka.

Anthony’s research investigates the interplay between public opinion and policy, with a particular focus on marginalised groups and the welfare state. Some of the questions he’s explored include: What factors shape the relationship between societal insiders and outsiders? How can we best understand social policy preferences? And what drives welfare state reform?