Saul is a lecturer in social sciences (social psychology) at Loughborough University. From 2016-2018, he was a postdoctoral associate at the Human Interaction Lab, working between psychology and computer science at Tufts University. His (2017) Ph.D was in Cognitive Science at Queen Mary, University of London’s Media and Arts Technology programme.

Saul's background is in the arts, where he worked in participatory culture, science and technology, co-founding The People Speak Network in 2006 to host open conversations in public spaces.

Saul's work combines conversation analysis with experimental methods in order to understand human interaction with a particular focus on aesthetics and judgments of taste as they are produced in everyday interaction. He is currently writing a monograph on aesthetics and social interaction due out with Routledge’s Directions in Conversation Analysis and Ethnomethodology series in 2019.

Saul teaches a core course on social interaction and conversation analysis to criminology, psychology and media and communications students at Loughborough. Previously, he developed a course on using interaction analysis as a research method in the arts for performing arts students at Berklee College of music in Boston.