Ezgi Aral

  • Doctoral Researcher
Ezgi completed her BSc in the Department of Sociology at Hacettepe University (Ankara, Turkey) in 2011. Following graduation, she worked in different roles for many years, including Philosophy Teacher and Guidance Counselor, Public Relations Specialist, Corporate Communication Specialist and Executive Editor. While working as a Corporate Communications Specialist and Executive Editor, Ezgi started her MSc in the Department of Journalism at Gazi University (Ankara, Turkey)  to become more competent in this field.
She completed her MSc in 2019 by preparing a thesis on the news production processes and journalism practices in internet journalism. In 2021, Ezgi attended Loughborough University to commence her PhD in Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy. She is currently studying news media representations of sexual violence, with a particular focus on rape.

Understanding the Media Representations of Rape: An Analysis of the England and Wales News Media

PGR Supervisors: Prof Stephen Case, Dr Francisco Azpitarte and Dr Olivia Smith

Ezgi's PhD research focuses on evaluating media representations of sexual violence, with a particular focus on rape, in England and Wales news media. The research explores the nature and extent of such news, the reasons why sexual violence, in general, and rape, in particular, receive more news media attention, and the mechanisms that shape these representations.