Ezgi Aral

  • Doctoral Researcher
Doctoral Researcher Ezgi Aral wearing a checked black and white shirt in front of a green background

Ezgi's academic journey began with her BSc in the field of 'Sociology' at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey. While pursuing her BSc, she completed her internship as an intern reporter at Hurriyet, a well-known newspaper in Turkey. After completing her BSc, she ventured into the working world, gaining experience across various roles, such as Philosophy Teacher and Guidance Counsellor, Corporate Communications Specialist and Executive Editor in numerous organisations. With a growing interest in journalism, Ezgi decided to further her academic journey in this field and pursued her MSc in the 'Journalism' division at Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. Her MSc thesis focused on the news production processes and journalism practices in internet journalism.

In 2021, Ezgi took her academic journey to the UK, attending Loughborough University to commence her PhD in ‘Criminology, Sociology and Social Policy’. Her current research project centres around how British news media portrays rape, with a particular emphasis on a high-profile rape case.


Understanding British News Media Coverage of Rape in the Context of a High-Profile Rape Trial

PGR Supervisors: Dr Francisco Azpitarte, Dr Olivia Smith, Prof Stephen Case and Prof John Downey

Ezgi's PhD research project is concerned with examining how British news media represent rape, with a particular emphasis on a high-profile rape case. Centring empirically on a high-profile rape trial involving celebrity footballer Benjamin Mendy, this research qualitatively and quantitatively analyses the nature and extent of news coverage of the case.

Ezgi is a member of the ‘British Sociological Association’ (BSA) and the ‘Centre for Research in Communication and Culture’ (CRCC).