Penny Litchfield

Pronouns: They/she
  • Doctoral Researcher

Penny is a second-year doctoral researcher in the department of Communication and Media and joined Loughborough University in October 2021. Prior to this, they studied at York St John University and completed both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Psychology (2017-2021), achieving a first-class honours and distinction in both. 

PhD Topic: Grenfell Tower, collective identity and remembrance: Using discursive psychology to explore the collective memory of a traumatic event.

PGR Supervisors: Cristian Tileagă and Richard Bramwell

Penny’s broad research interests are in collective memory, discourse, and social justice. Penny is particularly interested in interactions where blame and accountability are constructed and managed, specifically, in instances where important political matters are at stake. They are interested in how, in everyday conversations, people delicately construct their conversations to bolster accusations of discrimination.