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Professor Elizabeth Stokoe BSc Central Lancashire, PhD Leicester, C.Psychol.

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I graduated from University of Central Lancashire (Preston Poly) in 1993 with a traditional psychology degree. Then I completed three years PhD research at Nene College (Leicester University) with Dr Eunice Fisher. My PhD was a conversation analysis of university tutorial interaction, and I examined topics like gender and language, and student identity. I developed these and other interests whilst working at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences (University of Derby, 1997-2000) and University College Worcester (2000-2002).

I joined the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough in October 2002 and was promoted to Reader (2007) and Chair (2009). I was Associate Dean (Research) between 2013-18. I am currently Professor II at University College of Southeast Norway (2017-2021) and an Industry Fellow at Typeform.

I teach Forensic Psychology on the BSc Social Psychology programme, as well as to Criminology and other Loughborough Psychology students.

My research interests are in social interaction: conversation analysis and membership categorization analysis of interaction in a variety of contexts including healthcare settings, police interviews and hostage negotiation, mediation, dating, education, commercial sales encounters, and communication training.

Some of my research underpins the 'Conversation Analytic Role-play Method', a technique for communication training that I have developed I have run hundreds of workshops with service providers across public, third and commercial sectors. I also train other conversation analysts to create (pathways to) impact with their research. I am also co-founder of CARMeggs, a CARM research enterprise with brand and design company A Dozen Eggs.

CARM won Loughborough University's Social Enterprise award (2013). I also won a British Psychological Society mid-career award in 2011 and a Wired Innovation Fellowship in 2015.

I was an Associate Editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology and Co-Editor of Gender and Language (2011-2014), and am the founding and current Editor of Mediation Theory and Practice.

My research and biography were the subject of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Life Scientific’ (2013). I have given talks at TEDx (2014), the Royal Institution Friday Evening Discourse (2015), at Latitude Festival 2016 on the Wellcome Trust/British Psychological Society stage, at New Scientist Live (2016), at Risky Business (2017), at SciFoo at the Googleplex, CA (2017), and at Cheltenham Science Festival (2018). I was interviewed about my new popular science book (Talk: The Science of Conversation) in The Observer. (2018) 

I teach Forensic Psychology to undergraduate students on various psychology and social science degree programmes. Here are some nice things they have said about my teaching, including a recent comment from an ex-student (via LinkedIn):

"You were such an influential and inspirational lecturer for me whilst I was at Loughborough whose lectures were the highlight of my week"

"It has been a complete privilege to be lectured by someone who is so distinguished in the field. I have gained so much knowledge from your module and you have most definitely inspired me to continue to pursue a career in psychology"

"This is one of the most interesting and engaging modules I have ever taken! Thank you also for the coursework help and the assessment seminars; assessment criteria was made clear in advance"

"Just to let you know I loved the module, personally it was one of the best modules I've taken in my time at Loughborough. I love the way you vary your assessments and the topics are so interesting"


See my Google Scholar Profile for a full list.

Forthcoming/in press

  • Stokoe, E., Sikveland, R.O., Hamann, M., Albert, S., & Housley, W. (frth). Can humans simulate talking like other humans? The implications of simulated clients for research methodology, communication training, and conversational agents.
  • Stokoe, E., & Sikveland, R.O. (frth.). The backstage work negotiators do when dealing with suicidal persons in crisis. Submitted to Journal of Sociolinguistics.
  • Stokoe, E., Huma, B., Sikveland, R.O., & Kevoe-Feldman, H. (frth). When preferred responses are delayed: Being persuaded following resistance in initially misaligned encounters. 
  • Sikveland, R.O., Kevoe-Feldman, H., & Stokoe, E. (in press). Productive challenges: Police negotiation with suicidal persons in crisis. Applied Linguistics.
  • Stokoe, E. (in press).  The Conversation Analytic Role-play Method (CARM): A method for training communication skills as an alternative to simulated role-play. In L. Delaloye & G. Merminod (Eds.), La médiations des savoirs sur le langage, Collection: les Cahiers de l'ILSL, Université de Lausanne, Suisse.
  • Sikveland, R. O., & Stokoe, E. (in press). CARM: The Conversation Analytic Role-play Method. In J. Davidsen & M. Kjær (Eds.), Videoanalyse. Samfundslitteratur. TBC.
  • Sikveland, R. O., & Stokoe, E. (in press). Effective practices for accessing ‘urgent’ and ‘routine’ appointments in general practice receptionist-led triage. In Z. Demjen (Ed.)., Contemporary applied linguistics in illness and healthcare contexts. London: Bloomsbury Academic.
  • Alexander, M., & Stokoe, E. (frth). Problems in the neighbourhood: Formulating noise complaints across dispute resolution services. Submitted to Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology.
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  • Stokoe, E. (in press.). How to increase participation in a conflict resolution process: Insights from discursive psychology. In S. Gibson (Ed.), Discourse, peace and conflict: Discursive psychology perspectives. London: Springer.
  • Stokoe, E., & Huma, B. (frth). Sacks, categories and gender. In R.J. Smith, R. Fitzgerald & W. Housley (Eds.), On Sacks; Methodology, materials, and inspirations. London: Routledge.


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  • Shaw, C., Suonpera, E., Gallagher, K., Aladangady, N., Stokoe, E., & Marlow, N. (2018). Documentation in the neonatal unit: The support given to parents and their participation in their baby’s care. Journal of Advanced Nursing. DOI: 10.1111/jan.13910
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I run workshops and give talks around the world on conversation analysis, membership categorization analysis, applied conversation analysis and other research interests. Follow the links to CARM workshops for professionals.

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The science of analyzing conversations, second by second, TEDxBermuda.

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