Lou Tompkins

BA English and American Literature, MA Media and Cultural Analysis, MSc Social Science Research (pending)

  • Research Student

Lou is an ESRC funded researcher. She has previously completed two Masters degrees at Loughborough University within the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. Lou also gained a BA in English and American Literature from Loughborough. Presently she assists Dr Allan Watson of the Geography Department and Professor Andrew Leyshon of Nottingham University in a British Academy funded project titled ‘Music in the cloud, money from the crowd: crowdfunding, investing, and gamification in the contemporary music industry’.

Supervisors: Dr Allan Watson, Professor John Downey, Dr Michiel van Meeteren

Research Question: How have musicians adapted their use of social media over the COVID-19 pandemic?

My research focuses on independent musicians’ use of social media to monetise, to communicate and to connect. I am interested in theories of authenticity, online communities and digital economies.