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Loughborough experts to take part in Covid-19 Roundtable event

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted all of us and continues to do so. As the vaccine is rolled out and we begin to consider what the new ‘normal’ may look like, we are offering you the opportunity to engage with a panel of University researchers with broad-ranging societal expertise related to the pandemic.

The Roundtable event will take place online on Wednesday 14 April from 2pm-3pm. Panel members will introduce themselves and describe the work they have been doing, highlighting the societal challenges in responding to Covid-19 and what lessons might be learnt, followed by a question and answer session.

You will be able to submit any questions when you register, or at any time up until Friday 9 April.

The panel members are as follows:

  • Professor Malcolm Cook has expertise in airborne transmission, computer modelling of airflow, indoor air quality and ventilation and ventilation control.
  • Dr Duncan Robertson has expertise in modelling of the pandemic, interaction of Policy and Modelling, analytics and data and complexity.
  • Dr Daniel Sage has expertise in emergency planning, management and learning, particularly in the UK (including Covid-19).
  • Professor Elizabeth Stokoe participates in SAGE’s (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) SPI-B (Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours) policing and security sub-group and is a member of Independent SAGE, contributing to the areas of communication and messaging, interaction and behaviour, and education.
  • Dr Chris Zebrowski is an expert in emergency governance with expertise in the history of UK Civil Contingencies. He is currently involved in ESRC funded research examining the use of communication technologies within the UK’s Covid-19 response.

To register, please complete the online form.