Hall sport

There's a great competitive spirit in our halls and you have the chance to help your hall take the table tennis title.

Table Tennis - one day event

Points Scale ‘C’

Eligibility – No AU Table Tennis players

Maximum squad of 3 (Males and Females).

Game format:

  • The games are self-refereed/umpired
  • All teams will start by seeding their player’s 1, 2 and 3
  • These seeds shall remain throughout the competition. (If they are changed the team will automatically forfeit the match)
  • Seed 1 will play the opposition seed 1, 2 will play 2 etc
  • Each match consists of 3 sets (1 per player)
  • Each player will play 1 set to 21 (players must win by 2 clear points if the players reach 20-20)
  • Sets shall be counted and games will be scored as 3-0, 2-1

Get involved

To play table tennis for your hall you just need to contact one of the sport secretaries. Email us with your name, hall and the sport you want to play in.  

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