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Take part in this year’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition

Loughborough University’s Doctoral College is excited to announce this year’s Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) competition for Doctoral Researchers.

3MT® is a vibrant and enlightening research communication developed by the University of Queensland, Australia. 

Entrants have just three minutes (and a single static slide) in which to present a compelling oration on their thesis and its importance.  This provides an excellent opportunity for participants to develop their communication and presentation skills. Moreover, it challenges Doctoral Researchers to share their ideas and discoveries concisely to non-specialists.  

This year, each School at Loughborough University will organise a 3MT® competition (dates and times to be confirmed) and winners will be put forward to take part in the University’s 3MT® Grand Final at the Doctoral College’s Summer Showcase which will take place on 19 June 2024, 9am-1pm).   

The winner of the Grand Final will receive £150 and will enter the regional and national 3MT® competitions. There will also be ‘Runner-up’ and ‘People’s Choice’ prizes.  All finalists will receive a certificate of participation.  

Speaking about last year’s 3MT®, the University’s winner, Ridzuan A-Rasid said: “Participating in the 3MT® competition was the most gratifying experience I have had during my PhD. The experience had a profound and extensive positive impact, not only on me but also on the supervisory team, the University research community, family, and friends.

“As an international second year PhD researcher, I have experienced significant self-doubt and felt uneasy discussing my research with the public. With the challenge presented by the competition, I have successfully conquered my perseverance, which has elevated my reputation as a researcher to a greater extent. I strongly recommend doctorate researchers to join in the 3MT® competition as it offers a valuable chance to showcase their creativity in effectively conveying the contents of their study.

Dr Andrew Selby, one of Ridzuan‘s supervisors, also said: The 3MT® competition forces PGR students out of their comfort zone and makes them confront the age-old questions ‘What are you doing?’ and ‘Why does it matter?’ As a supervisor, I felt 3MT came along at an opportune moment – it made Ridzuan think about what the core issues he was aiming to address were in his research and challenged him to see his work objectively. I didn’t know he had the script writing or presenting skills that ultimately helped him explain his hypothesis and reasoning to an audience, so we both learnt something really timely from the experience."

“My advice would be to do it – getting your work seen and understood by a supportive community can lead to many openings that you hadn’t anticipated.” 

Shortly after winning the University’s 3MT® competition, Ridzuan was entered into Vitae’s National 3MT® competition. After being selected as one of 12 semi-finalists (from 60 entrants across the UK), he became one of the six -finalists, and made Loughborough history by winning the People’s Choice Award and a £1,000 prize fund to put towards public engagement activities for his research. Ridzuan also won the East Midlands Doctoral Network Three Minute Thesis Competition and the People’s Choice Award. 

Find out more about the 3MT® competition and how to register your interest in taking part.