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Reminder: Find out more about becoming a school governor

Loughborough University recently launched a new School Governor Network to encourage and support University staff who are interested in being a school governor.

In a bid to foster community engagement, provide valuable opportunities for staff members, and support the University’s commitments to the Access and Participation Plan, the network has collaborated with Inspiring Governance to encourage, equip, and empower University employees to become school governors.

Earlier this year, the network hosted an online launch event delivered by Inspiring Governance, which brought together staff from across the University with diverse roles, interests, and stages of becoming school governors.

Topics covered during the session included:

  • The crucial need for governors
  • The eclectic expertise that governors contribute and gain
  • The professional development being a governor brings
  • How you can get involved.

As well as practical support on how to apply for positions, the network heard from current staff who are already experienced governors on why they had chosen to become governors, how they had grown in their roles, and some memorable moments from their tenure. Their stories were varied and eye-opening, emphasising how the diverse backgrounds and expertise of University staff can impact a school.

These insights encouraged and inspired participants to consider how their own skills and experiences could benefit local schools and young people. The session led to the creation of a Microsoft Teams area where staff now have space to share experiences, ask questions, and signpost training to further develop knowledge to become good school governors.

By becoming school governors, Loughborough University staff can continue to develop future generations and impact young learners in our local communities.

If you want to find out more, Inspiring Governance will be delivering another virtual introduction session next Tuesday (7 November) at 12.30pm.

They will also be running a workshop in early December 2023 to support new and existing governors.

Register your interest to find out more about being a school governor and getting involved with the Loughborough School Governor Network.