Access and Participation Plan

Our Access and Participation Plan details the measures that the University will undertake to maintain and improve both access to our undergraduate courses and the subsequent success and progression of our students from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups.

As part of the University’s commitment, we have invested in a range of initiatives designed to reduce the inequalities observed across the student lifecycle. Alongside a suite of aspiration and attainment-raising activities this includes use of contextual data and measures to identify applicants to Loughborough with the greatest potential to succeed with their studies and to ensure that no groups are disadvantaged during the application process.

We recognise that some of our students will have overcome additional obstacles/barriers in their pursuit of Higher Education. One way that the University is supporting student success and progression is through Personal Best. This initiative provides students with the opportunity to develop, recognise and better articulate their own skills and attributes, leading to greater self-awareness and success both academically and in their future careers.

Further information about these and the other initiatives being adopted by the University are detailed in our Access and Participation Plans which can be accessed using the links below.

In our latest Plan we draw on evidence and evaluations to identity where resources and interventions are needed. The targets we have set ourselves reflect this assessment, and we aim to fulfil these by 2024-25.


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