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New Learn module launched to help students succeed with their dissertations and final projects

Whether you are a final year undergraduate or a postgraduate taught student, a new Learn module dedicated to dissertation success has been launched to help you with your writing journey.

From on-demand materials on planning your time and researching the literature to learning about the structure and content of each chapter of a dissertation, this module will guide and support you alongside additional live, bookable workshops.

‘Dissertation and Project Success’ can be accessed online and is broken down into the following topics:

  • Time management: An introduction to the different strategies used to plan your time accordingly, prioritise tasks, avoid distractions and set SMART goals.
  • Dissertation structure: Made up of videos, quizzes and presentations, this section provides support on the different chapters of a typical dissertation. In addition to covering the general structure, it will look at grammatical and language use such as what tense to use and useful phrases relevant to the research section.
  • Searching for information: A series of videos uncovering topics such as
    • How will I be assessed?
    • Choosing a topic
    • Planning a literature search
    • Conducting a dissertation literature search
    • Managing information
    • Critical and strategic reading: Information on effective reading strategies and ways to critically evaluate sources.
    • Literature review: This looks at the purpose of literature reviews, critically evaluating sources for argument and assumptions, as well as providing an overview of the general structure of a literature review.
    • Referencing: The video aims to supplement existing knowledge of referencing by covering the areas that are sometimes overlooked or misunderstood such as secondary referencing, the need for a reference when quoting or paraphrasing and the mechanics of in-text citation.

This module complements the resources in Study Skills Learn Module LUA001. If your first language is not English, you may also find the resources in English Language Support Learn Module LUA010 helpful.


A number of workshops aimed at dissertation success are running over the coming weeks for students. These are led by a number of student services across the University and further information can be found by clicking the links below: