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Staff with Dunelm starter packs

Dunelm provides carers, care-leavers and estranged students attending Loughborough with university starter-packs

The homeware company is providing support for a third year, helping students settle into their new home.

The welcome packs include bedding, cutlery, a Dunelm voucher and other necessities.

Rachel Third, Director of Philanthropy said: “We are deeply grateful to Dunelm for partnering with Loughborough for a third year to give practical support to care leavers through these welcome packs. It makes a huge difference.

“Arriving at university can be daunting for students who are coming from a social care background. They may face greater financial worries and less support from family than other new students. These welcome packs provide all sorts of useful items to get set up on arrival but this initiative is about more than just the practical help - it’s about communicating to young people from backgrounds that are traditionally underrepresented at university that they are welcome and that from day one they will be supported to thrive in their higher education journey.”

Veronica Moore, Head of Student Wellbeing and Inclusivity commented: “Sincere thanks to Dunelm for their ongoing commitment to helping Loughborough to offer this timely practical support at such a financially challenging time.

“We greatly appreciate the Dunelm-Loughborough partnership and recognise that it is an important contribution to Loughborough University’s aim to encourage widening student participation so that the whole university community can benefit from the tenacity, resilience and diversity of experience of these students.”

Janice Dunne, Head of Community at Dunelm added: “As the UK’s leading home retailer we are thrilled to support enrolled students get the start they need when taking on this exciting journey. We want to make sure they have all the essentials they need to feel truly at home.”

Loughborough offers a range of bursaries and support packages. Further information on this can be found here.