Our commitment to you

Every member of our community has a different story to tell and we consider it to be our duty to provide a safe and supportive environment where every person has the opportunity to shine.

Values of equality, diversity and inclusion are embedded into all aspects of student life at Loughborough. Every member of our community has a responsibility to promote equality, dignity and mutual respect, and we encourage our students and staff to challenge hurtful and discriminatory behaviour on campus.

We take reports of prejudice, discrimination and bias extremely seriously. Effective policies and procedures are in place to deal with complaints, and we stand together with victims of abuse to ensure that the perpetrators face appropriate consequences for their actions.

Whilst these steps are having a big impact on the way we operate as a University, we know the journey doesn’t end here. We are committed to working with our students and staff to ensure every person on campus feels heard and can identify as part of the Loughborough Family. We are continuing to listen to the voices of our community and provide opportunities for students and staff to share ideas and bring about positive change. Together we will stand up for what is right and work to eliminate prejudice and discrimination of any kind at Loughborough.

Our inclusive community