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Photos of senior staff members during their runs and other challenges for the £10k Challenge

Senior staff groups raise hundreds of pounds through The £10k Challenge

Over 170 alumni, staff, students, and friends of the University are doing a range of exercise and other activities for The £10k Challenge, which ends on 19 March.

Hundreds of people have generously donated to the challenge and the £10,000 fundraising target was reached on day one.   

Funds raised will go to the Mental Health Appeal, launched in 2020 to raise money to support the services on offer to students at Loughborough during these difficult times. 

Participants represent a cross-section of the Loughborough community, including senior staff from the Academic Leadership Team, and the Associate Deans for Research.  

Both teams have raised more than £1,000 each, with a couple of days left to complete their challenges. They’re neck and neck on day 8 of the ten-day challenge, so which team will come out on top? 

Here’s who is getting involved: 

Team ADR Plus (Associate Deans for Research)  

  • Dr Richard Bibb  

  • Dr Steven Christie  

  • Malcolm Cook  

  • Professor Jeremy Coupland  

  • Dr Victoria Haines  

  • Dr Gary Page  

  • Dr Elizabeth Peel  

  • Professor M N Ravishankar  

  • Dr Stephen Rice  

  • Professor Sergey Saveliev  

  • Dr David Stensel  

  • Professor Elizabeth Stokoe  

  • Professor Jo Tacchi 

  • Professor Robert Allison  

  • Professor Tracy Bhamra  

  • Professor Mike Caine  

  • Paul Conway  

  • Professor Andrew Dainty  

  • Professor Cees de Bont  

  • Professor Claudia Eberlein  

  • Professor Tony Edwards  

  • Beatrice Firth  

  • Professor Chris Linton 

  • Adèle MacKinlay  

  • Professor Chris Rielly  

  • Professor Stewart Robinson  

  • Professor Steve Rothberg  

  • Miranda Routledge  

  • Dr Darren Smith  

  • Andy Stephens  

  • Professor Rachel Thomson 

Staff teams have also formed from the Design SchoolPhilanthropy and Engagement teams, and many individual staff are also taking part.  

The challenge began on 10 March and runs until 19 March 2021. You can find out more and check out the participants’ progress on JustGiving