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Loughborough University joins over 130 business and organisations to support the transgender community

Loughborough University has joined some of the most prominent organisations in the UK by signing up to the Trans Rights Are Human Rights campaign, pledging to value and support the trans community.

The campaign has been organised by a collective of organisations including LGBT+ charity Stonewall.

Nancy Kelley, Chief Executive of Stonewall said: “All these companies are sending a powerful message to trans communities that leading businesses have their backs.

“At a time when trans rights feel increasingly under threat, the diversity of all these businesses taking part today shows there is a wealth of support for trans people at the most senior levels of British industrial and cultural life.

“But we can’t be complacent. If we want to live in a world where every trans person can be themselves, each of us must use our voice to challenge transphobia and take action to create more inclusive communities.”

The University’s LGBT+ Staff Group commented: “The UK’s Gender Recognition Act was seen as progressive in 2004 when it was introduced, giving trans people a way to change their legally recorded gender. However, since then many countries such as Ireland, Denmark and Malta have made these processes more accessible than they are here.

“Conversely, we are now seeing a push-back against the rights and recognition of trans people in countries such as Hungary and Poland, and the UK Government’s decision to delay reform to the 2004 act is causing concern. Having hoped that reforms would keep pace with progressive countries, there is now a fear that the government may even roll back existing rights.

“It is tremendously meaningful to a relatively small community - who face daily marginalisation and even violence - when businesses, local government and institutions such as universities speak up and show their support.”

Adèle MacKinlay, Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development and the University’s Champion for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion added: “At Loughborough, we recognise that people are at their best when they can be themselves and bring their whole self to work or study. We work to foster an inclusive culture in which our staff and students can feel confident and safe doing so.”

A complete list of supporting organisations (updated weekly) can be found online here

Loughborough University has been actively working on improvements to support for trans staff and students since 2018, and became a Stonewall Diversity Champion in 2019 to benefit from Stonewall’s expertise in supporting the LGBT+ community.