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10 Jan 2020

You’ve got this: Be prepared for your exams

Examinations for Semester 1 start on Monday 13 January and run until Wednesday 29 January. It’s important you take a moment to read the below, as well as the University Regulations on Examinations and Assessments prior to sitting an exam to ensure you understand the rules and exam hall conduct at Loughborough.

  1. Check your exam timetable on LEARN – this will include your seat number confirmation prior to your exam. If for any reason you cannot find your timetable on LEARN contact the Student Office as soon as possible. Please note a duplicate hard copy with your seat number on will be available outside the examination venue.
  2. Make sure you arrive at the venue in good time. If you arrive 30 minutes after the start time of the exam, you will not be allowed to enter the examination hall.
  3. Leave any coats, bags, and prohibited items in the area designated by the Invigilators and find your seat in silence. Prohibited items include notes, blank paper, mobile phones and other electronic devices (this includes Fitbits and smartwatches). Even if you are not using the device, you could be charged with academic misconduct if you are found to be in possession of one during the exam. More information about materials such as dictionaries and a list of approved calculators can be found here.
  4.  Do not turn over your question paper until the Invigilator announces that you can start the exam.

If you have any queries regarding examination procedures, please contact the Student Office by emailing