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8 Oct 2019

University announces the 2019/20 Fellowship Inaugural Lecture series

The University is delighted to announce the return of its prestigious Fellowship Inaugural Lecture series, featuring the institution’s externally funded Fellows.

This series will showcase the Fellows who will present their cutting-edge research and outline their career to date.

The lectures will provide an insight into the professions of some of Loughborough’s leading researchers and will be followed by the opportunity to network with colleagues from across the University.

The first lecture of the series will be given by Dr Long Seng To of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities on Wednesday 23 October.

In her lecture, she will discuss Community Energy Resilience. Globally, there are around one billion people around the world with no access to electricity, and three billion people relying on traditional fuels for cooking and heating.

However, developing countries face multiple stresses including climate change, natural disasters and conflicts, which can all contribute to the disruption of critical infrastructure such as energy.

With one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals focusing on providing universal energy access to all by 2030, Dr To will highlight the need for solutions that build on local capacity, including different stakeholders and knowledge.

She will also draw on her recent work with communities in Nepal and Malawi, with some reflections on technical innovations and the impact research can make on the emerging field of humanitarian engineering.

Dr To is an Engineering for Development Research Fellow, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering.

She has an interdisciplinary background with a BEng in Photovoltaic and Solar Energy Engineering, a BA in History and Philosophy of Science, and a PhD spanning both disciplines.

Her previous research has focused on mapping the synergies and trade-offs between energy and the Sustainable Development Goals; agro-industries and clean energy in Africa; solar-powered water purification in remote areas in Australia and capacity development for renewable energy projects in rural China and Indonesia.

The lecture will commence at 12pm on 23 October and will be followed by a networking lunch session. To register your free place on this talk, book online here.