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Richard Wheater, Director of Sport, Loughborough University, holding a clean sport certificate

Richard Wheater, Director of Sport, Loughborough University.

Loughborough University reiterates its pledge to clean sport

In conjunction with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), Loughborough University has once again continued its commitment to clean sport.

A series of events were held across campus during ‘Clean Sport Week’ (13-17 May), shining a spotlight on athletes’ clean journeys in elite sport and the ongoing imperative work practitioners do in supporting those in the sector.

Hosted under this year’s theme ‘Journey to the Podium’, various workshops and drop-in sessions were delivered, allowing people to learn more about Loughborough’s ‘Clean Sport Values’ and how all students and staff can play a role in collectively keeping sport clean.

students sitting down during a seminar

Loughborough students engaging in a clean sport seminar. 

Later in the week, UKAD hosted a panel event at the University’s Stadium, looking at the challenges para-athletes face on their sporting journey. This was attended by leading sector figures, including those from national governing bodies.  

a room of people watching athletes on a stage during a panel discussionUKAD's panel discussion held the University's Stadium. 

Loughborough University is proud of its commitment to clean spot with all performance programme athletes offered UKAD education at the start of the academic year. It also continues to support practitioner skill development.

Loughborough holds strong links with UKAD, following the relocation of its headquarters from London to SportPark in 2021, based at the Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park (LUSEP).