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Adriano Randi, a Loughborough University alumnus

Alumnus awarded Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship

Adriano Randi (Chemistry 2019) has been awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship to further advance his spin-out company RV3 Tech.

The Enterprise Fellowships program spans twelve months and serves as an accelerator initiative crafted to assist skilled researchers and graduates in converting groundbreaking engineering innovations into impactful spinouts and startup ventures. 

Adriano began working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Chemistry department at Loughborough University two and a half years ago. Right now, he's focused on creating a new type of electrochemical reactor. This device aims to turn crude glycerol, a leftover material from making biodiesel, into a valuable environmentally friendly solvent. Typically, crude glycerol isn't cost-effective to process. 

Adriano developed and tested a small-scale prototype successfully. In 2023, he secured an ICURe grant from Innovate UK to explore the possibility of turning this technology into a commercial venture. He travelled around the world to assess the market's potential for it. 

Adriano said: “I’m delighted to share that I was awarded this prestigious Enterprise Fellowship by the Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Hub to spinout a company named R3V Tech.” 

He added:  "This will create a route to scale up technology configuration to convert crude glycerol into a valuable bio-derivate solvent through a more energy-efficient and greener industrial process.” 

RV3 Tech is registered at Loughborough University Science and Enterprise Park (LUSEP), a supportive environment which has helped Adriano set up his company.