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Colourful tapestries made of felt hanging in a gallery.

Photo credit: Elliot Mickleburgh and Thomas Moen

Loughborough academic opens solo exhibition in London

Sophie Goodchild, a Teacher in Fine Art at the University, has opened a solo art exhibition in London titled ‘The Sand In The Pearl’.

Close-up of a colourful tapestry made of felt.

Photo credit: Elliot Mickleburgh and Thomas Moen

Launched as part of London Gallery Weekend, the exhibition is open now until 22 June at Trafalgar Avenue. The Sand In The Pearl is a new body of work by Sophie, informed by the healing and nurturing properties of wool.

The exhibition is an extension of Sophie’s research into ‘Wool as a Cloak for Survival: The Alchemy of Form and Fabric’ and explores how the spiral, a motif found in landscape, architecture, and throughout the natural world, emulates cyclical movements and helical structures and its relation to chaos and (dis)order within the mundane.

A series of felted tapestries guide the viewer through the exhibition into imagined landscapes drawing from the artist’s experience of early motherhood, each encapsulating memories and moments of care, nourishment and comfort.

The works’ layered surfaces reference natural phenomena, biological processes and geological time; storms and whirlpools, breastfeeding and osmosis, fossilisation and stratification.

The exhibition is accompanied by an interview by artist Lana Locke and supported by Oppenheim John-Downes Memorial Trust and The Eaton Fund.