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Students walking in the sustainable fashion show

Sustainable Fashion Show: Reclaiming the Runway

In collaboration with LSU Enterprise, the theme for the Sustainable Fashion Show 2024 is Reclaiming the Runway, focusing on environmental impact, diversity and inclusivity, and community connection.

The Sustainable Fashion Show is being held on Tuesday 12 March from 7pm-10pm in The Basement in Loughborough Students’ Union.

The event is dedicated to exploring the intersection of fashion and sustainability, aiming to raise awareness of the environmental and social impacts of the fashion industry. Additionally, it provides a unique opportunity for students enrolled in degrees associated with the creative industries to develop entrepreneurial skills through active participation in the creation of a fashion show.

The Fashion Show offers four categories for students to explore this year’s theme: re-wear, re-invent, re-connect, and re-purpose. Various cash prizes are on offer for each category, as well as an overall prize for the winning design.

This event is sponsored by LU Arts, the Careers Network and Loughborough Enterprise Network (LEN).

Many students from the School of Design and Creative Arts are participating, offering a chance to display their creativity and raise awareness around the issue of sustainability.

More information about the Sustainable Fashion Show 2024.