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Loughborough Enterprise Network’s Big Enterprise Challenge: Pioneering Solutions to Promote Campus Cycling

The Loughborough Enterprise Network’s Big Enterprise Challenge in mid-October saw 42 students form interdisciplinary teams to tackle a question posed by Loughborough Academic Richard Ferguson: How can we make cycling more accessible to all communities and make a significant impact on our campus?

Diverse academic backgrounds converged to produce a wealth of innovative solutions, spanning from bike rental options tailored to various needs, incentive programs to encourage cycling, and awareness and education initiatives. The challenge resulted in a range of creative proposals, demonstrating that a collaborative approach is key to promoting sustainable transportation and enhancing the campus environment. 

The winning solution, presented by a talented group of students, centred around a multifaceted approach to enhance campus cycling including zoned car parks, decreased traffic incentives and combining bike rental with education initiatives The plan offers the promise of reducing carbon emissions, enhancing the campus environment, and making cycling a viable option for a broader spectrum of community members. 

Mia Alter, who was part of the winning team described the event as: "A haven of team building, creativity and fun working towards future solutions to make the world better!”  

As these initiatives move from ideation to implementation, the winning team will meet with our Vice-Chancellor Professor Nick Jennings to present their solutions. The innovative ideas that emerged from this challenge are expected to have a lasting impact, serving as a testament to the power of collaborative thinking and the university's commitment to entrepreneurship. 

Beth Underdown, Enterprise and Opportunities Officer added: “The Big Enterprise Challenge is a great example of why hackathons are excellent. The skills enhanced during this activity will help students to develop their problem-solving, communication and team-building skill sets – all fundamental tools in an entrepreneur's toolbox!”  

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