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Update on Marking and Assessment Boycott

The University is always willing to meet with our campus unions and following extensive discussions with UCU, the following clarified arrangements will apply in relation to the marking and assessment boycott with immediate effect.

If you are already participating in the boycott or are planning to do so, please read the following:

  1. If you report your intention to participate in the marking and assessment boycott to your Head of Operations within 24 hours of the work becoming available for you to mark/assess (or within 24 hours of the publication of these FAQs for work already assigned), your pay will be withheld at a rate of 50% but limited to a two-week period immediately preceding the deadline for completion of the marking. This will be calculated on the basis of 5/7 instead of 7/7 on a 1/365th basis (for avoidance of doubt this means pay will be withheld at a rate of circa 35%).
  2. If you do not inform your Head of Operations within 24 hours that you are participating in the boycott (as set out in 1 above), then you will be deemed to be participating in the boycott indefinitely from the day after any work is made available to you, until there is no further marking and assessment work for you to complete, as determined by your Dean. Your pay will be withheld at a rate of 50% on a 5/7 basis.
  3. If the deadline for your marking has already passed and you have been participating in the boycott, your pay will be withheld at a rate of 50% on a 5/7 basis from 10th May as previously communicated.
  4. If you inform us that you are no longer participating in a marking and assessment boycott, are not offering partial performance of contract, and are completing any work assigned to you, you will be paid in full from the date you have informed us.
  5. If you disclose to your Head of Operations that you intend to continue participating in the boycott, e.g. to participate in activities associated with assessment such as student mitigating circumstances panels, exam boards and/or moderation of marks, your pay will be prospectively reinstated to full pay but at the point at which you are due to carry out further marking and assessment activities your pay will be withheld at a rate of 50% on a 5/7 basis for a further two weeks.

These arrangements will help us to manage the impact of the boycott in a way that supports our students, particularly for our final year students who have experienced significant disruption throughout their time with us and whose graduation could potentially be under threat.

It also gives clarity to colleagues taking action who disclose in the way required by the University, of the duration of deductions.

The University’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the marking and assessment boycott have been expanded and updated so if you are participating or considering participating in the boycott, please do take the time to read these. Some worked examples are also provided to assist colleagues further.

We remain committed to addressing the issues contained in the dispute at a local level and will be working with UCU on this. Further updates will be shared in due course.