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Photo of a group of students looking at the camera smiling, stood outside the Edward Herbert Building on the University campus. Some are standing, and some are kneeling on the floor

Senior Management team celebrates dedication of Hall Committees at Garden Party

On Friday 19 May, the University organised a Garden Party to celebrate the remarkable dedication of the Hall Committees to their respective Halls of residence.

Vice-Chancellor and President of the University, Professor Nick Jennings, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to those in attendance for their unwavering commitment and hard work. The University's Senior Management Team and Hall Management staff took this opportunity to engage with students, gaining deeper insights into the essential work carried out by the Hall Committees.

The Hall Committees play a vital role in fostering community life within the Halls, which significantly shapes the student experience and facilitates the personal development of individuals who will have a positive influence across diverse Hall Communities. These committees also serve as representatives, ensuring that the voices and interests of their members are valued, creating an environment where students can express their varying perspectives on a range of topics.

Moreover, the Hall Committees provide leadership and support, allowing students to gain valuable learning experiences that encourage them to become responsible and authentic ambassadors for the future. In collaboration with University staff, they maintain appropriate standards of behaviour, further emphasising the importance of leadership and responsibility. The crucial roles undertaken by the Hall Committees align with our University Strategy, 'Creating Better Futures. Together,' and are instrumental in providing and maintaining an excellent experience for all students.