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University community invited to donate unwanted goods to those who need it most this Christmas

Next month, the University will be working alongside local partners to initiate a community donation drive.

As the cost-of-living crisis impacts everyone, we want to do our bit to help those most vulnerable in our community, which is why we’re reaching out to both staff and students to ask they donate any of their belongings they no longer want or need that could make a difference to someone else.  

Unwanted items that fall under any of the following categories will be accepted: 

  • Unused make-up, toiletries and sanitary products 

  • Unopened canned and dried food 

  • Clothes and shoes which are in a good condition 

  • Household items  

How do I donate?  

Students living around Loughborough town will receive a flyer through the post in advance of the collection day that provides them with information on what they can and can’t donate. These flyers should then be attached to bags and left at the curbside on Wednesday 7 December so volunteers collecting on the day can clearly identify donation bags for this cause.   

Staff and students living on-campus are invited to drop off any donations from 28 November – 7 December at the Library or the Print and Post Reception Desk in the Herbert Manzoni Building. 

What will my donations be supporting? 

This year, donations will be going to a number of local community projects and non-profit organisations, including: 

  • YMCA 

  • Women’s Aid 

  • Living Without Abuse 

  • The Bridge 

  • John Storer House  

  • Air Ambulance 

Event Organiser Jenny Ardley, who is Loughborough University’s Community Warden commented: “I think it is vital that Loughborough University contributes to its local community as much as possible. It is so important for us to be proactive and help others; everyday items that are regularly thrown away can make a positive contribution to many local charities, whilst also reducing the amount of waste which goes to landfill. 

“We know Christmas can be a difficult time for many vulnerable people in our community, which is why I’m delighted to be a part of this multi-agency partnership event alongside LSU Action, Charnwood Borough Council, Loughborough College, Charnwood Police, the YMCA, John Storer House, the Social Supermarket, and others who are all working hard to make a positive difference to people’s lives.” 

Interested in volunteering? 

We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help collect donations around town on 7 December and to also sort through the donations we receive.

If you are a staff member, please note this opportunity is eligible for the Employer Supported Volunteer Policy, so if you are interested, please email Jenny Ardley.

If you are a student wanting to volunteer, please contact LSU Action at