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International Relations experts to present research to staff and students at Odesa National University, Ukraine

Two academics from Loughborough University will be presenting their research to Odesa I.I.Mechnikov National University in Ukraine next week as an initial step that could lead to building an enduring relationship between our two universities.

Expert in International History and International Relations Paul Maddrell will be presenting Cooperating between the Stasi and the KGB and Soviet-GDR Relations, 1949-1990. This talk – which is being presented to Odesa’s Department of International Relations as part of one of their courses looking at the foreign policies of Eastern Europe after the Second World War – will explain the importance of cooperation between the Soviet and East German security and foreign intelligence services to the relationship between the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic (the latter was also known as "East Germany"). 

Turkey, Power and the West: What does the new Cold War mean for a rising power? by Dr Ali Bilgic will talk about the challenges and predicaments of Turkey as a NATO member and the challenges it faces in the context of the new Cold War between Russia and the West, particularly in regions such as the Middle East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. The talk is based on Dr Bilgic’s second book of the same name.  

Both talks are being held next Wednesday (11 May) and Loughborough colleagues and students are invited to join both of the sessions. Joining details can be found at the end of this article.

They follow a session recently held by Doctoral Researcher Massimo D’Angelo from Loughborough University London for a master’s course at Odesa last month, which discussed the history of Turkey in the Mediterranean and the impact of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine on the country.  

Professor Steve Rothberg, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) commented: “I am delighted that we are engaging in this series of talks led by Odesa I.I.Mechnikov National University and I hope we can continue building our relationship in the coming months and years.  ONU is a broad-based university with faculties in natural and social sciences and in arts and humanities and is a good fit with Loughborough. I would encourage anyone who is interested in connecting with experts of a similar discipline at Odesa to contact Professor John Downey at”  


Dr Ali Bilgic: 1:30pm, 11 May - Joining Instructions:

Identification: 984 248 7342

Code: 365182

Paul Maddrell: 1.50pm, 11 May - Joining Instructions: 

Identification: 899 7570 2207

Code: V3uy6N